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What We Offer



Comprehensive Care. Every child is different. We will look at the whole picture. Their age, their personalities and their specific needs.

X-Rays as Needed

Not every child needs an x-ray every six months. The AAPD recommends evaluating a child and prescribing x-rays, as needed. We’re committed to the Image Gently mission, improving safe and effective imaging of children.

Home Care

Simplifying home care and giving busy parents the keys to making it easier


We will keep a very close eye on things and only treat if necessary or we see it getting bigger. This means we focus more on helping parents prevent things, versus treating it afterwards. In other words, we’re keeping an eye on this so you don’t have to.


What’s better than giving you the tools to prevent the need for dental care? Sealants (if needed and/or wanted) are properly placed to help prevent cavities in the chewing surfaces of molars.

Mouth Guards

Does your child play sports or grind their teeth? We can help your kiddo out with a mouthguard specific to their needs.

Education & Nutritional Guidance

Is juice ok for little ones? And how much? Dr. Tiffany will get to know your child’s diet to help prevent preventable cavities.

Pediatric Specialties

White Crowns

We’ve got tooth-colored crowns to keep those sweet smiles family-photo-ready and healthy.

Metal-free fillings and BPA free options

We also offer tooth-colored fillings with BPA-free options, because a kid’s mouth is connected to their whole body. So what we put in there matters.

Nitrous or Sedation

When it comes to dental work, our policy is patience first. Then, if needed, we also have nitrous, oral conscious sedation and general anesthesia options. All, to ensure that your child has the best experience possible.

Space Maintenance and appliances

When a child loses a tooth early because of decay or an accident, it is important to maintain the space for the permanent teeth to grow in properly. Appliances can help with guiding growth and habits.

Special Health Care Needs

If you have a child with special health care needs, we have tailored our process for you and your family, with specific training, dim rooms, weighted blankets, and longer appointment times. Dr. Tiffany would love to meet your child and discuss their needs.

Healthy Start

If Healthy Start is something you’re interested in, Dr. Tiffany is a certified doctor. If you want to know more about treatment options to help your child’s poor sleep and airway issues, please mention it in your child's next appointment.

Tethered Oral Tissues

As a TOTs certified provider, Dr. Tiffany is happy to help your little ones out in collaboration with their outside referring source (therapist, chiropractor, lactation consultant, pediatrician). If a tethered oral tissue release is recommended, then we can take care of that in our office, with our state-of-the-art laser.

Concierge Service

Same day emergencies and 24-hour call

It’s important to not postpone treatment when there is trauma or infection. So we offer same day emergency appointments and a 24-hour call service.

Virtual second opinions and consults.

During your busy lives, we’re also happy to offer virtual second opinions and consults, within the limitations of what can be “diagnosed” on a video call.